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How Much Do I Earn from Blogging?

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This is a question that I get asked more than any other. I was brought up not to really talk about money and what you earn so I’m always hesitant to do so - but due to the large interest in the subject I’ve from time to time given some indication (it can be vague) of what kind of money blogging brings me.

Keep in mind that I have numerous blogs and these figures are not just for enternetusers (in fact this blog is one of my smaller earners). I also use a variety of income streams including AdSense, Chitika, Text Link Ads and Amazon Associates (to name just four of the main ones).

update: here are my top earning income streams from my blogging..

Here are a few of the more recent posts I’ve done on the topic:

- Earning a Six Figure Income from Blogging
- Look what Blogging Bought Me - the house that Google Bought
- Network Blogging vs Individual Blogging
- I’m a Six Figure Blogger
- Chitika eMiniMalls - How much do they Earn? - the day eMiniMalls became my number 1 earner!

I should clarify (as its a misconception that I often come across) that my earnings do NOT just come from this blog - rather I have 20 or so that I work on plus am now involved in various others through b5media which I am a co-director in.

I also earn my income via a number of courses including the Adsense program and especially Chitika’s MiniMalls.

I also always like to emphasise that blogging is NOT a get rich quick thing. To balance the links above (and before you run out and quit your job to become a Pro Blogger) I also STRONGLY recommend you take a look at some of the links and information that I mention in my enternetusers Public Announcement Post.

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  • I haven’t seen any money from my AdSense ads, and I’ve submitted to numberous websites. Any ideas on what I can do to get into Google’s listings?

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  • How to Make Money from Blogging

    When I talk to people about blogging for business, which I tend to do (a lot!) it’s usually only a matter of time before someone asks me ‘How do you make money from blogging?’ or, more directly, ‘How much are you making from this blogging activity?…

  • I’m not sure if you have the time or interest, but I find this topic interesting so I decided that I was going to track how much I make blogging less as a total number and more as an hourly pay rate.

    So far I have put about 10 hours, including research into the topic my blog concerns and how to make it pay. And including today’s 23 cents, I have made a total of $1.29. That’s an effective rate of 15 cents per hour. Yeah, I have a way to go before this manages to be a feasible replacement for my day job. LOL

    But anyway, the point of this comment was that perhaps you could post your hourly rate for each month somewhere on enternetusers for all to see and be inspired by along with a nice methodology for calculating so others could do the same. It could become a blogosphere wide trend! (I read that word “blogosphere” today. Aren’t you all impressed by my quick grasp of the lingo!? LOL) Anyway, I bet you spend a lot more hours working on this than even you think.

    Boy, and I haven’t even thought about expenses yet. I haven’t got there yet, but I’m sure there are sections in enternetusers about expenses. Perhaps in your hourly rate, you should calculate expenses out of the rate too. I’d be curious to see what number that would result in. I know mine is impressive. LOL I’m closing in on a quarter an hour!! YEAH!

    Soo… I’m rambling now. Best of luck everyone!

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  • […] ho are the other rich guys that are born because of google adsense? Here’s two: 1. Darren Rowse. 2. Joel Comm.


  • Honestly I’m in this business for the money and for the passion that i’m into. I like doing things on my computer and earn money from it.

  • Lessons in Professional Blogging

    I’ve been blogging since 1998 and have seen plenty of rewards in terms of writing experience, web know-how and even some freelance jobs and interest garnered thanks to my blog. But making money directly off my blog has been a…

  • What is better, ad-sense or some kind o PPC co?

  • congratulations for your success with blogging…………..

    i browsed your site for like 1 hour now tho and saw almost no ads!!!! curious…

  • thanks debtblog - there are a few ads here - but my other blogs are where I earn most of my income.

  • “I was brought up not to really talk about money and what you earn…”

    Funny, so was I. I wish that were not the case though. Why are people so secretive about this? It seems people are more open with their sex life than their financial information. Isn’t that just plain wrong?

  • Some days its less than a penny an hour. :) I think that even if I made the minimum wage blogging I would prefer it to regular work.

  • Hey Darren.
    Why don’t u cover adbrite type ads, or those image ads that u see on gizmodo or engadget. Engadget has these text links that they put on themselves. They are putting text ads manually. won’t that be a total hassle.
    How does one get those image ads. I saw a Victoria secret ad on a illegal torrent site. How is that possible. How can an illegal torrent site get a VS ad.

  • […] I don`t think I will ever come close to this, but what I have been doing lately is to read how this is possible from the guys that actually are making this kind of money. It can´t hurt to try to understand the techniques. If you are interested, you can visit enternetusers.net, Kevin (the owner) is helping bloggers to earn money. Visit this post to read how much he earn from blogging. Technorati Tags: google adsense earn money google blogging enternetusers Kevin adsense dollar hosting costs income Related posts: Paris Hilton Pregnant, what are the odds?Copyright and blogsMy New Blog is Ready!Earning money from KatrinaI am a blog volunteer […]

  • […] The Philippine online community is growing and maturing at a very rapid pace. Filipino webmasters, bloggers and publishers are discovering that there are more effective ways to drive traffic and to earn residual (even full time) income from their properties and activities online. If membership to the SEO Philippines mailing list is any indication, then it’s safe to say that more and more Filipinos are becoming interested in search engine optimization (SEO). Why the sudden interest in this field? Filipino bloggers were first to sign up thanks to stories from bloggers like Darren Rowse. Filipino bloggers realized early on that they could earn from their “labor of love”. But it also became clear that it would take more than just signing up for Google AdSense and then slapping on some ad units on their pages. I’ve received lots of emails and instant messages from bloggers asking for ad placement advice, traffic building tips and yes, even AdSense sign up tutorials. And it’s all good, it shows people are genuinely interested. The mailing list was launced to provide similar-minded people with a forum where they could privately explore and inquire about SEO topics. The best thing about the mailing list is that other Filipino SEO veterans have signed up and are sharing their knowledge and experiences to the whole group for free. […]

  • How Can Filipinos Earn on the Internet?

    Thanks to the availability of internet in the Philippines, Filipinos now have another way of earning dollars and this without leaving their country thus preventing “brain drain”. Making websites and writing blogs with affiliate programs such as adsense on it is profitable even if it is just earning $10 to $20 per month since the dollar exchange rate in the Philippines is high. And with the advent of blogs, even those without knowledge in writing html now have a chance to get their work published and read worldwide. Filipinos have a passion for writing. Why not make money out of it?

    But publishing online is still in its infancy in the Philippines. I know a lot of Filipinos have already encountered advertisements about “making money on the internet” when they go online to read their emails but got discouraged after finding out that they need to have a website. That was my case a year ago having no knowledge of html whatsoever. But the idea of earning dollars and marketing to the entire world kept coming back to me and I just cant let this opportunity pass me by so I decided to go for it.

    After countless trial and error, I am now on my way to earning decently on the internet. But without someone to rely on but my inquisitive self, its not easy. Especially the part about getting traffic to my website. I hope my fellow Filipinos having the same situation as mine dont get discouraged immediately. After all, we really cant get something for nothing.

    Anyway, I am sharing all that Ive learned in my blog. I started it with Filipinos in mind but everyone is welcome. And since I am constantly searching for more information about the subject, I will continually add more to it also.

  • Being a popular question, it goes to show how many people are blogging for money rather than interest? :)

    Personally, I started with websites seriously almost 4 months ago (may go into blogging later on) for the sole purpose of making money. I’m a complete newbie with no formal web design/programming and SEO training.

    I spent a lot of time reading and experimenting, and have started to fall in love with SEO. So much so that I decided to challenge myself to try and make $50,000 in 12 months. The result? http://www.larrylim.net

    I’m still developing the site but the entire experience and gratification of really making money on the Internet (I was a skeptic, sue me) has been totally awesome!

    So bottom line is I’d like to tell everyone to not lose hope - everything’s possible ;)

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  • […] 3) Some bloggers are making money. Did you know that if you have some specific skill or expertise you can pitch your blog idea to one of the blog networks? This will get you a lot more exposure — and maybe some money down the road. […]

  • I’m still building my blogs and need to study more about blog and search engine. It will be great to get income from blogs.
    …I got an idea now !
    Thanks for the good information !

  • hi,
    i dint understand anythng abt this blogging and how it is going to make me earn …..just clarify the right point in how i can earn and what i shd do to make some nice earning from blogging actually

  • Ramachandra Menon

    December 14th, 2005 8:51 am

    I am a new entrant to blogging. I come to know that I can earn some money in blogging.. Your article is interesting. Let me see whether I can increase visitors to my blogsite and earn some money. Thanks.

  • […] If this is the first time you’re visiting, I’m talking about the increase in the number of ads that are currently showing on-site. Making money from online advertising is something I’ve been wondering about since I started reading about pro-blogging and the amounts that the bigger professional blogger sites can pull in…how do they do it? Starting and running the Life Coaches Blog is part of the test and measure to find out how this model works. […]

  • very fast earn site

  • […] How Much Do I Earn? […]

  • what kind of site google intrested in ?

  • 6 figure income from blogging?!?!?! wow!

  • Some bloggers are making money. Did you know that if you have some specific skill or expertise you can pitch your blog idea to one of the blog networks? This will get you a lot more exposure — and maybe some money down the roa

  • I’ve turned enternetusers quite recently (about 3 months’ back). Since focusing on blogging to earn money, my Adsense earnings has increased quite significantly. Of course it is nothing compared to what you earn but hopefully by the end of this year there’ll be enough to talk about it :D

    - MENJ

  • Great tips and links. Thanks for being helpful!

  • keep up the good work.

    also keep giving us ideas.

  • If you have time, please have a look at my blog website; tell me if i can do something to raise my revenue from ad sense.
    Thanks ….& my best wishes !!

  • I just read your blog entry - How Much Do I Earn from Blogging? — my partner and I are planning on setting up a review website – it will live on the home page of our site computer training. I am looking for versatility in that field and setup a comparison. If you can help with any insight or direction that would be great. I am also would like to hear about courses with computers that people have taken.

  • Hi Darren,
    Your blog really differentiate from other blogs in that it is more than just a blabbing blog, which is what a lot of the other blogs out there are like, from the navigation to the writing style.

    Here you specifically provide what other people look for, which is exactly how to make money with blogs. It’s not a saturated space. You definitely have a huge leg up here! Nice Niche!

    With my work at a hedgefund, hopefully I can provide a new set of perspective to my readers on the pending housing slowdown, and also career choices!


  • […] Yes. Late last year I stumbled on a blog called College Startup which led me to a number of other blogs about blogging. Blogs like enternetusers by Darren Rowse, MakeEasyMoneyWithGoogle by Eric Giguere, Performacing, and a few others. I’ve read about how people developed their blogging carriers, their great advice to novice blogger wannabes, do’s and don’ts of blogging, blog monetization capabilities, etc. What I learned from them is that if you have a passion and commitment, can write and have common sense, you can do it. And you can earn some money from it. Or, if you are good, you can even have a pretty good life from blogging. Also, you really can’t lose. Even if you fail – it’s a good learning experience and doesn’t cost you much. […]

  • Do you also have some regular websites or only blogs? Do you think that blogs are more effective?

  • only blogs Frantisek

  • I thought AdSense didnt allow talk of earnings :S

  • you can tell some things but not others. You are not allowed to reveal impressions, CTR etc but you can give monthly totals. This was a change they made 8-10 months ago.

  • I guess you just have to find a niche and blog about it. Or make a really popular site. One of the few guys who live off (very well I should add) a single blog here in Brazil has one stupid, stupid blog with tutorials like ‘how to make an account at blogger’, ‘how to add music to your website (urgh!)’, a section of wallpapers, animated gifs, and all he blogs about are funny links. And he earns money because everybody goes to the guy’s site, so he put a script for Mercadolivre (Brazil’s eBay) that shows products from his site. And he lives off comissions that he earns from the sales within his affiliate link.

    But, as far as useful content for anyone who is remotely familiar to blogging, it’s close to zero. But since he has a Google PR of 7, you search google for, let’s say, Digital Camera (in Portuguese, of course, our language here) and you get results from his website MORE than from the official Mercadolivre site (which is the most popular auction site here - http://mercadolivre.com.br ).

    I guess luck is a factor too. I was never able to generate more than USD 200 in a month (not from Adsense) and never got much traffic, but I’ve had blogs (in Portuguese and English) that for no apparent reason got PRs of 4,5 in a matter of months. But my content is not ‘for the masses’ like this guy’s, and the niche thingie is not that hot here yet (that’s the reason Orkut is so popular among Brazilians, most people like sites that they can find all kinds of stuff like in Orkut communities instead of going to a specific forum about, for example, Playstation 2. they prefer to use the Orkut communities (which are half-assed forums) for this subject and all others they are interested.

    Hell, I’ve written so much here, this will be a post in my blog, lol.

    Cheers! I like your site very much, and I’d like to know which font you use here, if that’s not a problem.

  • I don’t get it ?

    Firstly I doubt anyone will read this, I gave up after reading approx 10 wittering comments.

    Secondly.. when people surf the web they generally have an intent.
    I would suggest that if you carried out an experiment you woul dfind that almost 100% of people surfing the net even actually SEE the ads any more - it’s a natural brain function to block out unwanted information and try to focus on the intention !!
    Unless those ads are specific to your intent then they are going to be blocked out to your brain recepiticles.
    And those things that relate to your intent will be, usually related directly to money or sex.
    Money if you are after purchasing on the net and the intent being information about finding the best product.
    Sex if you’re fed up of looking at words.

    Unless you want to earn money from blogging you won’t even see the ads. I simply happened upon being here, I didn’t click a link to get here I belive I saw the words “enternetusers” somewhere and typed it in the address bar -> and I won’t click a link to get outta here either.

    I’d also say that I don’t believe I’ve EVER clicked an advert that had an image involved - I only EVER click on direct links (which appear in the status bar of browser). Why ? because I know I’ll end up with a load of popups or potentially hapzardous downloads utilising IE backdoors. If it’snot direct I’ll copy to clipboard and paste it into the address bar.


  • Steve - I’ve read it :-)

    in terms of people seeing ads. My experience shows that they do.

    Some sites they see them more than others depending upon many factors, including the nature of the topic (this site for example gets a low click through rate because it’s on the topic of ads on blogs - ie readers are savvy and see the ads. On some of my other sites a much higher % click the ads.

    I think you are typical of a pretty savvy web user steve - i know I’m similar. I don’t tend to click ads unless they are exactly what I’m looking for (or say they are) and if my need for what they are promising is great.

    Having said that - I spend 8+ hours a day online and have become pretty cynical and hardened towards ads. Many web users are much more open to them.

    thanks for sharing.

  • Hiya Darren …

    Took a visit back here just to see if my last comments were edited (!).
    Hey coool, I spawned a reply from the top dog !
    Ermmm … yes, I’m actually a web developer so I spend a lot of time on line too.
    And as a web developer I suppose I SHOULD be more up to steam on the ‘ol ads and links game … but I’m not.
    Like I said, I’m a developer - not a marketeer.

    Unfortunately I’m the only one in my company - so I have to be both (and everything else).
    Unfortunately everything else takes second (if not 99th) fiddle to programming.
    Thus I don’t actualy have a business, or sales, or clients (!!!).
    And because I don’t have the waffling biz lingo crap trap of an experienced waffling “Content Professional” - I have a REAL hard time trying to actually get any web sites up and running.

    They all look soooooooo empty (!).

    I have a menu system that can generate any number of links in a fabulous dual, database driven, menu system. I have developed a content management system that allows fast searching of a an unlimited anmount of database storage space, and have developed
    a portal solution to manipuate the modules within that CMS.
    I have developed a datadriven e-comm cart system with the full works (login, user pref, search, paging, etc, etc).
    All of this is using the the latest MS tech called.NET, which I have been doing since 2000 when it arrived on the scene as a beta product.

    Unfortunately … I have all of this … but no content and an empty database !!!!
    (and no clients either).

    So …….. there is a use for ads after all.
    Along with news feeds and sforth you can use them to fill out your web pages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But regards driving traffic to someones site through them, for speculative hits, your probably better off with a subtle domain like
    www.cantremember.com (rofl, rofl, rofl).

    Incidentally … what is a single click worth overall, on average … in nanocents ??

    Regards, Take Care

  • Darren …

    Incidentally … that link I typed into my last message came up as a hyperlink in the webpage (oooohhh, and my name does !!).

    mmmm … am thinking about giving you my REAL web address now :-)

    Anyway … the point here is that these links take the user AWAY from THIS site.
    You should add a small tag after the href, a tag called target=”_new”,
    then a new windows opens and your surfers remain with a window open at YOUR site.

    Any webby could tell you that !!!



  • And this web page also tells us both that no-one has been here since my last visit at least a week ago.

    mmmmmm …. very interesting



  • in terms of opening links in new windows - I actually find that highly annoying. If I want to open a link in a new window I do it myself - I don’t force people into that. I think you’ll find many bloggers feel the same way.

    In terms of how many people have been here since your last visit…. this is a post that was posted almost a year ago so it doesn’t get heaps of traffic (although it does get some). Just because there are no comments doesn’t mean there is no traffic.

  • average clicks - vary depending upon what the ad is worth. They can range from a cent through to numerous dollars.

  • Woooowww …. I thought we were talking like 5/6/700 clicks perhaps generating a buck !
    (honestly, that’s what I thought)

    Do they have to buy something in order for you to get anything at all … or will just clicking generate $$’s ??

    Regards the open links in new window stuff ::

    I open EVERYTHING in a new window (right click context menu in IE).
    But sometimes I loose judgement/concentration and accidentally left click the link.
    It’s just nice to have it open in a new window anyway ! (saves me hitting the back button and having to rectify the situation).

    Where do I go on Google to find out about links ??
    Got an url for me ???????????????/


  • I should say - that the average click is not in the ‘few dollars’ range - they are in the few cents range. As I say - it all depends upon the topic of the ad (its a supply and demand thing and advertisers on some topics are willing to pay more than others).

    The program you want to investigate for Google’s ads is ‘AdSense’.

    You can see more about it here or if yu want to sign up under my affiliate link look for the blue button towards the top of my left hand sidebar. ;-)

  • ohhh, look at me! I made $100,000 by being a marketing devil!

    You my friend are a waste of human life. Marketing serves NO useful purpose in human existance other than to turn people into mindless consumers and conformists which will distract them from making any progress on this planet becuase they are too concerned about saving that extra $ or getting the next gen Ipod.

    Please cease and desist with your marketing selfishness and do something which is of benefit to the world

    I thanks you

  • I think, that blogger don’t need to think about money. Blogging is new way to communicate with other people and to find some new contacts in this big internet world.

  • Yeah, as far as making money goes on my blog, I won’t even attempt to do so until I’ve got a large readership because I want to feel like I’m offering decent enough content (that would bring in visitors) to warrant my making money off of them.

  • You must create unique and interesting content for you viewer. Next the more crucial is traffic. If you want to get listed on Google you may try this site


  • Guy Kawasaki and Kevin say they don’t make much money on their blogs!

  • ok yes ……..can you will make more money from your blog …
    But how much ???????
    oh ………. i don’t know ……

  • My blog has been witnessing about 300 dollars a day and I have barely touched my full expertise.

  • btw this is one of my blogs

  • I agree with the fact that a lot of times, it times up to a year to see a good amount of return on your investment.

  • […] People have been talking about earning a six figure income from blogging per year. One of the best inspirations for us an ordinary bloggers is enternetusers Kevin who has been earning and writing about six figure income from blogging. […]

  • […] The jury’s still out on this whole enternetusers thing for me. While I’ve no doubt some people are making money at it, I think a lot of people are setting themselves up for a fall. […]

  • People are making money, but only a few is making enough to live on it.

  • i’ve started putting adsense on my personal blog. don’t seem very relevant atm though.

  • Loads of money can be made online, all you need is good ideas and the knowledge to implement them.

  • Woohoo, that’s a real blogging earning. I have been earning 4 figures from my website, and I started my blog. I realize it’s not a get rich quick scheme.

  • i have already created google adsonce account and some sample addvertisemet posted my site but how to add my site to search engine i dont know ,please any one tell me how to add my site in search engine.


  • I am also a newbie to internet business and make a site at http://www.500list.com with funny videos, community, news, articles, but never thought about blogging because it will require too much time to write, which is kind of overwhelming for me now.

  • I finally crossed the threshold to be able to get a monthly check from Google 5 months ago. My thing now is how do I make that income grow larger.

  • Still trying to get the checks coming in. I am going to try out the ebay affiliate program and see what they can offer. Wish me luck!

  • A-List Review Project: #11 enternetusers…

    July 20th I am turning 40, so to celebrate I am going to profile 40 of the A-List blogs, 2 per day each day, until my birthday. Previous reviews: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10There are……

  • I am still an amateur on blogging but I can see the potential, I have a blog does not make much money but my website earning good with adsense, I get very high click-through rate > %60 hope I can do at least half of it on my blog with your tips. Thanks.

  • We make about $20 a day.


  • Do people click on your adsense?

  • Well my numbers are not so impressive. I earned $166.30 between Mar 31, 2005 to Jun 30, 2006. From personal web sites. It just covers my hosting expenses. But I have good news for you. I started life experiment earning money with blog. I will post monthly earnings and time I spend on my blog. I aim to spend 1 hour of my 24 hour day and try to earn 6 (six) digit income in a year. I aim to start as many blogs as nessesary. but still aiming to spen an hour. Now I am earning less than a 0.5 $ per day. It will be grat if I can multiply it by 100.

    Ok about experiment. this blog is ( http://nonsenseornot.blogspot.com/ ) not about any specific topic. It will may have anything. I wonder if that will attract serfers. in reality it will not but I want to test it.

  • Nobody should assume that blogging as a profession takes minimal effort. One of the comments that I read above indicates somebody who is trying to do just that - the one about making six figures with only an hour’s work a day.

    The key to making a living off blogging is to approach it in the way that a professional writer approaches his work. Think about your craft. All of these strucutres regarding advertising and “blogging” are built by technical and smart engineers, but it’s up to people with ideas, style, and freshness to put them to use.

    Sometimes I think we forget that blogging is writing, and that writing is a gift to humanity that we don’t always have the chance enjoy at its highest level. We as readers and writers work with the content (you always hear about “user content”, “content providers”), and our mission ought to push the expected quality limits of the work we create.

  • Thank you for your wonderful insights. Finally, there is a blog that helps the average joe getting into blogging. I just started blogging through my site www.jutiagroup.com and have yet to realize revenue. Any tips specifically tailored to my site would be greatly appreaciate?

    All the best,


  • I ‘ve been on adsense for a while now, and I haven’t earned that much. What I decided to do is promote Google adsense itself instead of the ads. So I made up a simple website http://Qualitybase.org where webmasters and bloggers can easily sign up for adsense. I think I can earn more that way.

  • […] Depressing if you look at this in a negative perspective, isn’t it? I guess that’s why you have enternetuserss telling you that blogging isn’t easy money. But then, look at it in a positive light, and something like this becomes a possiblity. […]

  • It’s great that you make so much from blogging. I make very little from blogging, and mostly use blogs to drive traffic to my sites. Twenty blogs must take an awful lot of stamina. How on earth do you manage to keep on top of all those, and also make fresh and unique contributions each day?

  • You’re really a blog nerd. Are you still managing other 20blogs? If so, can you share those links with us please :-)

  • not personally any more. Some have closed and other are being written by others.

  • I build my blogs around good content and information for others. If I make a few dollars off google and other associated affiliate based programs that is just a bonus. Good information & fun first …profits later!

  • […] There are other ways to blog for hits, too. Some are bad, too. However, many methods, such as harnessing social networks, are a good way to get readership. Additionally, blogging for money is praisable, if done correctly. If statistics are an integral part of your blogging experience, don’t let it take over your common sense. Analyze how important statistics are in your blogging experience, and analyze how much your blog depends on readership. Is your content truly ‘better’ if people read it? What is your common goal in having the blog? Remember, the most important part of blogging is bringing out fresh content. We should all aim for that, shouldn’t we? […]

  • […] De lijst is beslist niet compleet want zo ontbreken Daren Rowse en Steve Pavlina. Met hun AdSense inkomsten overzicht horen ze toch beslist thuis in dit overzicht. […]

  • I am a newbie in blog. I spent a lot of time to build a website to earn some money like you did. But it seems still bad luck for me now. I will to read all ur blog maybe I will find a way to get rich like you. Hahaha !Thanks for all ur advices!

  • I think more and more people is going after google adsense…..i think now the biggest challenge is not how much you earn, is how you can maintain the substantial income over the months. Further more, how to avoid being sabotaged by other people who copy and paste the google adsense code to other illegeal site is the biggest challange for the google adsense user now.

  • […] He posted up a short article with links that describes what he is using to generate this income. It is called: “How Much Do I Earn From Blogging?”. […]

  • […] I’ve been reading from enternetusers.net and I’ve been inspired to think that I could write and perhaps suplement my income from writing and publishing it in blogs that people read, and sponsors link from and ultimately I make money from. It seems simple, and yet a distant and soon to be forgotten fantasy. Although perhaps it is worth a try. I’d like to do it, and momentarily anyway it soothes me to think it would work, although as it get’s late, this is perhaps just another idle fantasy that will go nowhere when I wake and the sun shines and reminds me that I am still just me. […]

  • […] Hope it’s all not too much of a downer. While these posts don’t get the attention that some of my other posts get (like the one talking about how much I earn) they are important posts that I write in the hope ofgiving a realistic impression of ProBlogging as a strategy to earn an income. […]

  • 1 blog or 20 blogs. Darren is making money. There is money to be made in blogging. We are seeing a new wealth generation machine unfold. The nice part is that it is readily available to almost everybody.

  • Fairly new to this blogging game, although grasping the key essentials and I feel that I am well on my way to becoming a semi-pro blogger…
    Check out afew of my websites if you like;

    Oh and well done Darren on your bloggin career…

  • The interesting thing i have found since starting to blog myself, is what keywords and keyphrases people have had to enter in the search engines to find my weblog. Never ever seems to be the ones i am generally trying to target though which is a bit of a bummer, but visitors are visitors.

  • I generally find that anything to do with “Make money by …. on the web” is a way for someone selling it to make money (eg, e-books, seminars, blogs etc). Just an absolute load of fluff.

    I don’t believe in having ANY advertising on my website, except for my own personal services. Hence I have a lot of satisfied visitors.

    How many people here actually bought ANYTHING from an online ad?

  • I’ve personally become rather adblind to all ads and don’t even notice them anymore. it worries me sometimes, because I fear others are doing the same, but apparently not, since it’s stiill making me money every day.

  • […] Kevin makes six figures from blogging! I am not making quite that much, but I do have enough money to have fun on weekends and fund the ideas that pop into my head. […]

  • […] It depends, and not always only on website traffic. Popular problogging website enternetusers.net has a post about how much money a blog may earn. Darren Rouse is quick to point out that problogging is not a get rich quick scheme, and even as he claims to have purchased a house from Google Adsense earnings, he emphasizes that his blogging income comes from at least 20 blogs. Now that Darren and colleagues have founded a network blog company called b5media (I was briefly recruited as a network blogger for one of b5media’s content channels; more on that in another post), I am sure that Darren makes a very comfortable 6-figure income as a true professional blogger or enternetusers. […]

  • AdSense is so over-rated. Most bloggers who play by the rules struggle to make the $100 payout within a year. Sponsored posts and direct selling to advertisers could be a more viable proposition for sustained, regular income.

  • I think the most important element of a blog is its content. Without a good content, no one will come and read it ! If on the other hand you have good content, then people will be interested and could therefore be interested by your google ads !

  • […] If you take a look at Darren’s post - How Much Do I Earn from Blogging? you will see that it’s in fact because he operates 20 blogs (that could be an old figure now) and I’m pretty sure if you did some analysis of Darren’s network, a small number of sites bring in the majority of his income (another example of the 80/20 rule). Those sites are very likely his heaviest trafficked sites, relying extensively on search traffic since search engine visitors are more likely to click ads, unlike enternetusers.net readers who know very well what an AdSense or Chitika ad looks like. […]

  • How much do I earn? Well, with Adsense a little under $11 for surf zone.- whoo-hoo! I’m going to buy that island in Fiji.
    The reality is, you won’t make much unless you blog about celebrities, blanket products reviews, or existing content that’s already somewhere else so that the Search Engine’s hit you.

  • i think besides blogging , become affiliates of some hot products or services also contribute you a big money, am I right ? do you plan to list out some affiliates programs that you recommended ?

  • I’m interested in selling links on my site @ $10/ month and $110 per year if any one is interestd in buying contact : vjjohnson04@yahoo.co.in

  • […] John Chow joins Steve Pavlina and Kevin in an elite I make insane cash on my computer club. These guys are like financial planets. The more money they make, the easier it is for them to make more. Everyone (including me) wants to know how they did it, gets sucked in to the gravity of their blog (like I am), and throws links at them (like I just did). […]

  • There seems to be loads of people writing blogs about making cash from blogging and the net now, do you think the niche is a bit saturated?

  • I would have to agree that you need to set up numerous blogs on numerous different niches. This ma take a bit of effort to do but when it is done the money just rolls in.

  • Hi Darren, there are more and more blogger now , and there are more and more of them earning money from adsense…. just curios, do you think it will be a threat to you ? ( mean your visitors will go else way) would you mind to tell us, almost 2 year from this post, you income from blogger growing rate ?


  • This is an inspiration to me.

    I am currently using this awesome blog to make alot of money online myself.

    I am currently running a test campaign starting from scratch and working to $4,500 per month. I am on day 12 and am well on track. I love this blog

  • […] How Much Do I Earn from Blogging? […]

  • Great stuff…

    I have 3 blogs now which make me money, but the thing is, videos are all the rage now. In fact I make more money now with www.plentyofvids.com than all my blogs together.
    Did you ever experiment with non-blog sites?

  • While I agree with most of the comments made here… I have exprienced a growing income from blogging with other like minded blog sites. Traditional websites tend to be one sided with getting there story out, mainly because their purpose is to sell a product or service.

    Whereas with blogging you get to give the information away outright and allow your reading audience to respond with added information that relates to the topic at hand. Blogging for me is leaps ahead of its time, and soon will replace the traditional way in which we market our products and services through traditional websites.

    One website that is staying ahead of the game is created by a company called AdCalls. It allows its customers an opportunity to download an online, on-screen dailer… Which offers totally FREE LONG DISTANCE phone service to any home, business, and cell phone in the USA or Canada.

    And you’ll be able to view advertisements from all of it advertisers who participate in this growing trend. There are many individuals who’s blog sites are now popping up on the dailer’s screen. And seeing as how this is being seen by millions of new online visitors daily, it offers the perfect opportunity for those of us new to blogging to get a real live viewing audience a chance to visit our site without doing much work at all.

    You can download the dailer FREE at this site http://www.MyAdCalls.com/8608 And simply enter your email address to retrive one now. This site offers those new to blogging like myself the perfect vehicle for getting the word out without the cost. I hope this helps everyone. If I come across something new… you will be the first to know.

    May Good Fortune find You All! Keep up the good Work!


  • it would be more easy to earn money in the philippines if there would only be a paypal.

    yehp there is paypal but only used for paying not for paying to. too bad

  • I spent a lot of time to build a website to earn some money like you did. But it seems still bad luck for me now. I will to read all ur blog maybe I will find a way to get rich like you.Thanks for all ur advices!

  • Blogging for a living definitely is not easy. If it was easy everyone would do it. Just like everything good lin life it takes time and passion to get it right. It can be done though jut keep on trying.

  • 15 Year Mortgage Conneticut

    March 17th, 2007 1:05 pm

    Got here and seen your stuff - way to go!

  • Hello Darren,
    Can i ask you where I can setup a blog like you have? One I can use my own domain and run everything on my servers? Good blog and been reading for awhile now. Thanks and best of luck to you. Kris

  • […] How Much Do I Earn from Blogging? […]

  • Here is an example of what a good Internet management system can do for you along with old fashioned hard work and dedication to excellent content.
    If your site can generate traffic, you can make money with advertising or affiliate programs. There are a lot of good examples of commercially successful websites over the Net. And if Kevin is a king of blog income generation then the queen of web monetizing is Rosalind Gardner. Her sites generate at least $437K annually. She is successful because she has great content and implements cunning internet marketing technics. You can learn more about Rosalind’s success over here: www.affiliated-business.com/make_money/Success_Stories.html.
    If you are looking for a fast track to financial independence, all you have to do is to follow the formula of decent experts. Stick with them for a year or two, and you’re sure to make it big.

  • Sigh — All I make is a little less than a $100 a month

  • You should write some articles about applying your affiliate techniques to normal websites.

  • […] 13th, 2007 · No Comments How Much Do I Earn fromBlogging? […]

  • After approx. 20 months, I’m currently doing US$2,000 to US$2,500 a month consistently. I’m yet to do other stuff like paid reviews or Actively selling banners because the websites are more of a reference for my online marketing consulting service.

  • I don’t know about how to earn. I have recently started a blog.
    I found your site very helpful.
    I will apply for “accounts” from your site.
    thank you

  • Hi,

    I just read your SEO tips on your blog here, i’m excited, i used nearly all techniques.. now i’m competing in a SEO contest

    It’s in dutch language but if you mind would you like to take a view on it, what do you think? is it Google friendly?



  • How long does the low-page-rank web or blog get revenue from selling pages to advertiser?

  • Thanks for the guide. It is very useful to me. Can’t wait to sign up all the advertising package from your site…

  • […] For those interested Pro Blogger has some excellent tips on website advertising.  He’s done quite well for himself. I have a friend who makes  a living solely from blog […]

  • Truly inspiring! I hope to see some milestones like that myself…


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  • You have done an amazing job on your blog! Keep up the good work. :)


  • […] is a big pay check from Mr Google, be prepared for disappointment. Yes, some people can make 6 figures a year through blogging. But, for every full time blogger, there are 500,000 part time bloggers getting […]

  • […] sit in the corner all night, would it? So how about I search out my inner social butterfly and buy Kevin a beer? Share and […]

  • I tried a lot to increase revenue with adsense by putting unique content. But not seems to be working. It never adds to traffic.

  • Fahad: I have been making a living from my websites since 2005 - not just from blogs but websites too. There are 3 things that you should be concerned with to make good money from Adsense:

    1. Find a profitable niche. Some websites pay as low as $0.01/click (e.g. wallpaper) and there are those that pay $1.50/click (e.g. credit cards) and higher.

    2. Try different ways of integrating your ads, i.e. by blending in or making them stand out. Also, ad units perform better than link units and images. Keep in mind that having more ad units doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll earn more but guarantees that your readers will be distracted/irritated.

    3. Make sure that you market your website/blog well. On average, expect 2-3% CTR for content websites/blogs, and less than 1% for wallpaper websites and forums for example. Optimizing your ad placement can bring your CTR to 7-8% - I have experienced 12% CTR on a particular website.

    Hope that helps. I blog about SEO, online marketing and making money from the Internet at http://www.larrylim.net/seo-online-marketing/

  • While I’m not a full time blogger, but I still got good income (5 figure) from the Net on monthly basis. Mostly it comes from my affiliates, Google Adsense, TLA and other venture.

    I just happen to became a paid reviews using one of my blogs. Right now I have about 10 website and blogs managed entirely by myself.

  • I think google adsense program is the best way to make money online. All other ad program are not that much important.

  • […] he’s never given his true earnings for reasons that I respect, nestled right at the bottom of the six-figure blogger Darren Rowse’s site enternetusers is a […]

  • I have not recieved my First cheque From Adsense till now.. I have been running a website from 2 years

  • I liked your blogposts. I have started Oracle apps blog where I post interview questions, faqs etc. How more I can help the users to read my blog?



  • I also have about 5 blogs. I have even followed advice from famous AdSense gurus (even bought their ebook). But I still haven’t earned a $100. I dream about earning atleast $500 a month. Do you have any tips except the fact that Ad placement is important??

  • Being a starter blogger I haven’t made any serious money to this day. (13 cents and counting)

    I just wanna say thanx for the enormous amount of usefull tips and info you have put up here, which for starter bloggers are a valuable guideline on the road to blogging succesfully.


  • so you earn money from blogging? now how do you receive your earnings? by mail? or thru your bank account? do they give it to you cash or check? How?

  • I was going to buy blog but decide to buy file hositng site. http://www.bigfilez.com. My question is which is better?
    Run an ads yourself or adsense. I know it is easier to run google adsense but do you make more money running your own ads in the long run?

    Unless you are doing serious traffic, adsense is like nickel and dime

    Check out my site:

  • I enjoy reading your blog and I am getting a lot of inspiration from it.
    Thanks for a great blog I will try and see what I can do with mine

  • i tried using adsense too in a blog. its great. see my website abt poems!
    but i love enternetusers. hope to earn like him one day!

  • There are many people interested to know how much money a blogger can make, but they neglect how much a blogger to put the effort in. Darren, may be next time you should make a post ” how much time/resouce I spend in blogging” :P

    just my 2 cent

  • Thanks Darren for all the helpful tips. I started a blog on funny contents 2 months back, now i do see some traffic building up but not the adsense revenue.

    Only time I get good adsense revenue is when I publish my content it on various social networking sites - some times it get to homepage for some resulting in some revenue. Otherwise no revenue from people coming from google. Hope it improves in future.

  • Great set of links. A lot of money is to be made from AdSense however I think that their payouts have gone down substantially since its inception.

  • Google adsense still my favorite program to generate income

  • hi. im a blogger too. but my blog does not earn so well.i only have 5 dollars. and i still dont have a page rank. and yet i have a nice blog.so pls help me how to earn….

  • I just made 10$ in 1month from Google Adsense.

    My blog is at:


  • I didn’t realize Chitika was such a high earner for you. I’ve heard about it but never bothered giving it a try. I focus a lot on Adsense which I absolutely love. I’ll have to keep Chitika in mind for future blogs. Thanks

  • your site has always been an inspiration to me


  • I have been working hard to become a pro blogger. I also have a lot of blogs that I keep updated and I found out that certain blogs bring more than others. I guess that it is the way you write and what you write about.

  • I feel that blogging does not work. To me custom sites only have worked.

  • Nice write-up, but most people would love to be spoon-feed since they most times don’t get the right traffic after following some of the pro assumed miracle working advise, but the truth is “time” and a good piece every time, makes your blog attract the right traffic, also note that not that people don’t visit, but having the right article every time on your site, that will keep them coming back matters most and that is the issue.

    Hope to meet you all at the top.

  • thanx Darren for sharing your earnings,but why you don’t have adsense in your blog?
    are you banned from the program?
    or valueclick is better for you?

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