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Adsense Tips for Bloggers 1

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adsense.jpgHow do you make money from the Google Adsense Program? What AdSense Tips can you share with us?

I have been asked this question so many times in the past few weeks that I thought I should write something on the topic. It seems increasingly bloggers want to try to cover their hosting and ISP costs with some revenue from their blog - and increasingly they’re doing it and are able to make a few (or quite a lot) dollars on the side. Many are turning to Google’s Adsense program.

Covering costs of my Digital Photography Blog is why I originally signed up with Google Adsense - blogging can get expensive when you have high levels of traffic and a lot of pages.

Whilst the agreement you sign with Google stresses that you are not allowed to give specific information about your earnings from the program I can say that I’m glad I’ve signed up because its well and truly covered my costs - and then some. In fact I think its quite feasible to expect that Adsense coupled with other strategies for making money from Blogging could quite easily generate a decent living. It takes time and hard work, but I think its very doable. (Update: Since writing this series I’ve revealed that I am now looking at making over a six figure income this year in 2005 from blogging).

So how do I make money from Google Adsense? Let me share some AdSense Tips that heve helped me.

This will be the first in a series of posts on this topic. Let me say up front I’m no expert - there are a lot of people out there making a lot more money than I am using Adsense - however most of them are not telling their secrets - well not for free anyway. I’ve got no secrets to hide and am willing to share what I’ve learnt since I signed up for the program 8 months ago. If you want a REAL expert’s opinion on Adsense I’d recommend buying Joel Comm’s What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense E-Book. Joel earns $15,000 per month from Adsense and has some good things to share.

I know some bloggers are put off or offended by the idea of making money from blogging so I’ll try not to let these posts dominate my blog - however if you are not interested in the topic, simply skip over these posts.

I am going to assume a few things in this series to cut down the amount of introductory comments I have to make. Here is what I am assuming:

  • You have a blog. Whilst most of the following tips will apply to other types of websites I run Adsense on blogs and will speak from that experience.
  • You have (or will) read a basic overview of Adsense and have some understanding of what it is.
  • You have(or will) read the program policies as outlined by Google. These give details of site eligibility, ad placements and other requirements for using the system.

Enough introductory comments - lets get stuck into the Adsense Tips for Bloggers!

The full series of AdSense Tips is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 and Part 8.

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  • Adsense Tips for Bloggers 1
    How do you make money from the Google Adsense Program? I have been asked this question so many times in the past few weeks that I thought I should write something on the topic. It seems increasingly bloggers want to…

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  • google-hilite.php error?

  • I’ve found Adsense to be very hit and miss with my blog… some days high visits and clicks = a few cents, while others with few visits and clicks = few dollars…

  • So much hype about AdSense and Google… Maybe blogging about AdSense is not so bad idea…

  • Dear Sir,

    Do you think that a blog devoted to penguins and penguin accessories would have much appeal and ability to earn some money using adsense?



  • now every body is talking about google adsense…. seems it could generate a huge income?

  • My ads have totally dissappeared on one of my blogs, allthough there are thousands of searches for the term that my blog is about - my Adsense account is still Active and my ads do work on other blogs, just this specific one. Very weird. I’ve checked the code and it’s still fine…

  • Well, if your blog is full of “blog” related ads, you can get this domain list and block them all so that you can have some “real” ads on your blog!


  • The spam list link doesn’t work… =(

  • I find putting google adsense right above or below a picture about the same size of the ad unit converts best. Example… if your photo is 450 pixels wide… select the 468×60 text ad unit.

  • Thank you for these tips! — I am thinking about starting a blog now… of course w/ the intention of writing quality content, and not made for Adsense. :)

  • This is some really useful information. I will definitely be able to look into so income streams that will be able to help my weblog grow. Keep up the good work and the tips!

  • I read all 8 parts. Another great article.

  • I am no Adsense Pro either, but I am learning how to increase my Adsense earnings every day. I even have some great articles posted on my blog about how everyday people are making a living from Google Adsense.

  • adsense-spam-list.blogspot.com - still 404 there, is there anyone know where is that list?

  • I have seen my click through go up as I match my ads to the backgrounds and colors of my sites. Like someone said above, it seems hit and miss some times with not a lot of consistency.


  • Simple stuff– Traffic X Click-thru rate X ad value wins the day….

    The trick is generating good content that gets you good traffic and ALSO causes high dollar ads to present themselves…

    There’s a pretty good search engine for high dollar keywords at http://www.iotaweb.org

  • There is no way to make good money with adsense unless you have consisten, targeted traffic to your blog or websites. Good SEO and ways to get more traffic is still the main key to increasing your adsense income.

  • “how to make money with adsense” still isn’t “how to get 50,000 hits per month on your website”. My site has regularly updated content, items for sale, and tons of cool, non-pr0n pictures. I am ranked in the top 10 on various search engines for terms as general as “fine art”, and I don’t get anywhere near 50,000 hits per YEAR,much less per month. I would be shocked if there were a non-commercial non-pr0n way (i.e. doesn’t cost you money or raise moral issues) to get that kinda traffic started, if not maintained.

  • After reading all 8 articles in this series, I would have to say this is one of the better ones out there on the net, I have a few sites, which a few years ago did awesome with adsense, but over time have died down. It seems trying to breathe new life into them isnt working very well either. I can say that I had about 120,000 unique page views a month, and unfortunately, even a good day on Adsense didn’t live up to what I had expected.

  • Thanks. Thanks.

    I have been wondering how to turn my hobby into profit. I have created and still maintaining several web sites. But they all burn my money. This article point me a direction to go to. It is can be done by one person, not a business; no extra investment; part time, night. This is a great business model.

    Also I realise the websites I created are not good for adsense. First, they are Chinese words. Second, it is CMS, there is a lot of overhead in the HTML code. Adsense is not that sensitive to the background of the page. In contrary, blog is very effective with adsense.

    Also based on this articles, I created several bloggs for each specific topic.

    Health: http://health-food-safety-kids-sex.blogspot.com/
    Cruise Airline Ticket Vacation: http://travel-cruise-airline-ticket-vacation.blogspot.com/
    Internet/Technology: http://google-internet-seo-hosting-database.blogspot.com/
    Money: http://money-credit-cards-mortgage-insurance.blogspot.com/

    Hope some money is coming to my account.

  • Agreed, very good article. You may mention this later (haven’t read the whole series just yet), but one thing to consider is the topic of your blog. If you are starting your blog with the intention of making money from it, it might pay to do some keyword research at the Google AdWords site. Find a topic with expensive keywords, and you’ll likely find that clicks on your blog generate higher revenues.


    Work From Home

  • Do you think I can make some money with my site with photos of my cat or a photoblog with that pics?
    Keberle Marian

  • I’d think people browsing a site with photos of a cat would be the type of people that would click on ads (that’s not at all meant to be offensive, by the way).

    Driving traffic to the site might be a little more difficult, however. Also I wouldn’t imagine the text content wouldn’t get you very high paying AdSense ads. Maybe something like those new chitika mini mall deals that Darren has floating around here and there…

  • nice placement of ads in this page… v subtle and blends well with the content. great work!

  • I got a small website and I’ve been using AdSense for awhile now, and also the Google search, but I didn’t get any dollar yet, hehe, I’m not sure how the people can get money via adsense, I mean can i earn money just if the people visit my site? or if the people click on the ads link?

  • This is very interesting. My biggest problem is getting visitors to my site. Anyone have any good ideas, place a comment on my blog. Thanks very much.


  • It’s actually pretty easy. Partner with alot of sites. My site www.shadowClick.com earns $x,xxxx per month. The site has many partners and people keep coming back because they can browse any site at work and bypass the firewall. It’s works well and people are addicted.

  • iv been getting a lot of traffic to my blog, iv found the best way to generate traffic is word of mouth, like telling people like your parents, friends. best thing aswell is to just write a blog about the things you know best, like my blog is about my unsigned band, and i give tips and links for other unsigned bands!!

  • I’ve just started using ad-sense recently. I’ve been getting some traffic with low clicks so I am looking for ideas. So I appreciate the finformation shown on your site.



  • Good blog! Many tips are very useful to me.

  • great blog.Get lot of information about goofle adsense.And if there is anyone who have the google adsense spam listing.

  • FREE to all who want it!
    The #1 Ranked Adsense Guide on the Internet , Do a search on Google if you don’t believe me.

    Another great thing about Google AdSense is that it rewards you for creating sites rich in high-quality, focused content and that in turn makes the Net a better place!

  • I was using adsense for 4 month ago, but my earning is very poor, I want your advice for this, here my site http://gaweweb.com

    ps:I have poor traffic, can some one tell me how to increase the traffic? thanks for your advice

    best regards

  • I just started using google adsense on my blog site. Hmmm haven’t yet started to promote it since i’m putting some finishing touches on the content.
    If you want to check it out gadgethq.blogspot.com

  • sorry for the mess up on the link, here it is

  • I really like your pitch on making money off blogs. I was dumb enough to buy a couple of programs that “guaranteed” me money within minutes but your approach to it is far more realistic– particularly the part that it takes LOTS AND LOTS OF TIME spent on this! Everyone wanting to make a quick buck- a bit of advise- look elsewhere. To profit, you have to be dedicated, knowledgeable and persistant.

  • I did a test on one of my websites. I changed the adsense banner from the 728×90 to the 250×250 and intergrated it to the site content. Revenue went up by 300% as a result of this simple change. I feel really dumb. I wanted to try this some months back but “never had the time”

  • I use adsense on quite a few sites including blogs and it is a useful way to pay for domain and hosting costs.

  • I’m new as adsesnse publisher, thank’s for your great article.

  • Darren,

    i tried as u said but i could not make money. i couldnt make money more than $30 which was the maximum i got for a month. it $ucks!

  • Good article. I also have a blog, but have not earned too much yet. Seems like a lot of work for 30 bucks a month!

  • I started with about $20 per month…now i’m making about $350/month six months down the line. It continues to increase every month. Its definately hard work but it pays off if done correctly. I use a variety of tools which I’ve bought to help me out

  • i have one question; if i were to sign up for the Google Adsense, would this entitle me to pay google for anything?

  • no amanda - it doesn’t cost anything

  • Darren,
    Currently I am making like on average $5 to $6 per day, could you suggest some tips to increase my adsense earnings?

  • Gold Fish - this series contains most of my tips. Keep reading enternetusers and you’ll know what I know

  • Interesting suggestions for sure.
    I am still moving things around at The Garage. One of these days I’ll find the right placement for my ads.

    Thanks for the tips!

  • One thing that I have heard which helps is to buy text link ads from high page ranked Google websites. This is something I am going to implement. I will keep you posted on the results.

  • Thanks for this tips, Sir.

    From Malaysia.

  • hey man im wanna get in to this business but i dont know how or where to start or how to do it? can some one help me?

  • start here here or if you’re really serious and have some money to invest in your learning here.

  • Implementing your tips has tripled my Google Adsense earning, thanks!

  • After reading it, it has significantly help me and give me some basic knowledge of what needs to be done. Thank you very much for the tips.

  • i get very frustrated when i still see the same amount every single day in my adsense account. do u tink derz anything wrong wit my blogsite?watz the maximum number of ads that we can actl publish in our blog?

  • I’ve read quite a few of your tutorials and have found them to be very helpful.

    Are there any specific topics that you are think are more lucrative than others when it comes to blogging?

    Also, besides writing tutorials to attract readers, are there any other types of writing you recommend that writers write to attract readers?


  • Jinger - I’d check out the blogging for beginners series as it answers most of those questions in one post or another.

    particularly read the ones on choosing a niche and finding readers.

  • Hi, Can I put adesnse on my 360.yahoo.com site. I am unable to do this. Second, I have a site on unlearn www.iiuindia.com , where aslo I want to put adsense. Can I do this? I shall be thankful for positive response from any one. Thanks!

  • Great article, nice blog, I like the graphics and ad placement too, what program/website you used in the making of this?

  • I use WordPress.org

  • I think it is also important sometime not blend in the ads with the rest of the contents.

  • very comprehensive article.. using your tips i have more than doubled my clickthroughs on a couple of my sites. very pleased with the results thanks.

  • I found a site that has very good info and links on how to make the big bucks on adsense

  • Awesome article mate. The adsense tips really rock. BTW I use B2evolution as my blogging software. I am pretty satisfied with it except some spamming issues.

  • As always great work - a real gem of a site for helping bloggers profit.

  • How do I get the adsense into the blog post itself. I know how to get it at the top and in the sidebar.

  • New product for Blogging I’d you all would like to know about. It’s the next generation Bolg and Ping and will drive
    massive amounts of traffic and high quality
    links to your sites, especailly good for increasing your adsense revenue. It is still in its’ pre-launch stage but you can register at this site to be the first to learn about it.

  • i got software called blogjet and i wont let me put into my blog. help plz

  • Great info….



  • Hi,

    Even if you say you have noting to hide, I am surprised by the amount of information you give about Adsense.
    Did they try to “moderate” you ?
    Simple curiousity…

  • Traffic is still the best tip if you want to earn more with Adsense.

  • I have a blog related to VoIP. How can i make big bucks from it. Roght now its giving zero earningt. It has just 8 to 10 visitors a day.

  • I’ve just recieved mail from google, that i’ve made some bad hits on my ads…
    What does it mean?

  • Hey man!..Great Info…Definitely helpful.!

  • Daren, even though it’s quite old, it’s still one the best posts :)

  • Hi,

    Is, CTR of 5% is high enough or low for the site devoted to Digital Photography Software? The site I mean is http://www.digital-photography-software.com.

    What’s your opinion?

  • Google is a big rip off anyway. They are screwing the publishers and what’s so funny is that they make believe that they share 50% of their revenue with publishers.

    This is a BIG LIE !

    When Google charges $100 a single click to the advertisers, the publishers will get few cents only, so please give up on Google and move on.

  • ?????????

  • 9MYba1Wy3NsDu Xw2PXfFdmx7KI yY9feRELCXWb

  • I really like your idea about making money off blogs. I was stupid enough to buy a couple of programs that “guaranteed” me money within minutes but your approach to it is far more realistic– particularly the part that it takes plenty of time spent.

  • Just want to say thanks for the Adsense tips.

    I just recently applied Adsense to my business site and it’s amazing to see the money start to trickle in.

  • thanks for the tips. It’s very fascinating

  • NIce site..i enjoyed here…please give me more tips and trick for adsense, i;m very2 interest.
    thanks www.java-crafts.com

  • Cool points mentioned Darren :)

    I love reading your articles.
    And i read the interview of yours with Mike Dammann.
    Am very much inspired with your thoughts.

    Never implemented these many tips on adsense, will try to make use of all your tips.

  • I just bought M. Cheney’s videos about blogging adsense and he shows you how to make money by blogging AdSense step-by-step. I knew all this, all except the traffic part.It takes time to get traffic to your site,as you said, but it’s doable. I am just sorry I didn’t make a web page or blog on my own domena name because Google can ban me for no reason at all. It is easy to make a page but not to get traffic, that is the big enigma for me.I am submitting my blog to directories and other blogs and I use public domena books to get fresh content.I think if you do it well it starts happening in 3 to 6 months.

  • nice post, i would appreciate if you would post an article on how to add adsense code to blogger template

  • I just discovered your blog through the Copyblogger blog. Can’t believe that I haven’t been reading this - it’s great. Your material is really going to help me make the most of my blog called (tips, techniques and products for office productivity)

  • where can i buy that ebook.. i have an adsense too

  • good post. here are some tips

  • Just started on a friends website and we’ll see how it’ll turn out. Great site you got.

  • Enjoy Money Earned by Google Adsnese Free Tips: Make money with Two Tips

  • More useful info. I hope to generate a fulltime income from AdSense, so I am grateful for all the advice

  • Some people have suggested all the abuse of AdSense will lead to it’s end. You may want to diversify, just in case.

  • It must be good income blogiing around adsense?

  • I have a webmaster forum and I’m thinking to start a blog for my forum. Thanks for tips.


  • Since you are a big supporter of AdSense, what do you think about this new report that says AdSense is dead? If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you can get your copy here http://thedeathofadsensereport.blogspot.com

    I’m interested in knowing your thoughts.

  • This has been the inspiration behind my sooper dooper One Dollar Challenge! :P

  • Hey thanks for the tips but my blog http://cyfernet.blogspot.com has not displayed the adsense AD yet! Can u help me? I have mistakenly created a second adsense account with the same details! I have not confirmed it yet as they have strict instructions to have just one account So how do i delete my second account? can u help me? Please email me

  • Just remember, it’s still the early days of all this.

  • I just wanted to say the tips you’ve provided throughout your blog are fantastic. My blogs only been going for three days and already I’m making money through adsense, and getting 200 visitors a day!

    Thank you in particular for your hint/tip on placing the ads actually inside and at the bottom of the posts. It seems to be working: http://andrewwills.blogspot.com

    Thank you! I will continue to be an avid reader of yours!

  • Lot’s of great info., a little too much to digest at once. Thank you.


  • Google adsense is great for any type of website from penguins related to web sites selling church software. It is a great way to earn extra income and even a living for some individuals.

  • Great site :) Keep up the good work.

  • I have to say that I am an avid reader of your posts…. you may say you’re no expert, but are definitely a Pro. Thanks for sharing your info with us!

  • Hi and thanks!

    This ‘blog pointed me in the right direction and I’ve since managed to learn quite a bit.

    Thanks again…

  • I am new to adsense but performing well. I do resaech first then design websites just for the good paying keywords, informative for user as well.
    Finance is the one of the best.. here is an example:
    Please check my ad placement and see this ads have very high click ratio.

  • I started posting about web marketing, and found a cool seo friendly wordpress template. You can see it action in http://www.ritacatita.com


  • Thank you darren! Your adsense tips are really helpful.

  • Thanks for these AdSense Tips!

  • Darren. My wife found your blog y/day. So I’m here today because you offer so much free information that you impressed her. Thanks.

    I’m always looking for tips on monetizing my blogs & sites. One of my blogs [ http://research-autosurf.com ] helps to make good money for us. But that’s not because of AdSense (I hear it’s paying low these days), etc, so I will read more of your material and perhaps add some other revenue streams that you’re using.

    Again, tx for sharing so openly and fully.


  • I love adsense i think its great but blogging is hard especialy marketing one and trying to drive traffic to the site. A good tip os if you want to do well in adsense then position your ads in places where visitors will notice them, I’ve found that the ads that blend in with the content do well.

  • Thanks.

    It’s been good even though my blog is not a too fantastic one after reading your post and tried applying them.

  • Thank you for all the advice Darren, don’t think I need to buy the book, all the tips you have given here are good enough..

  • Good tips and advice. As with anything, you have to put the ideas into practice. Sadly, most people don’t get past the reading only stage.

  • Some great advice here on this blog. With my site [http://www.crack-adsense.com] I teach information on getting AdSense to work well for others. I have a blog on the site myself and my adsense earnings are quite decent actually. AdSense is really a puzzle, you just have to know how to put it together. I also got video tutorials through my site on this as well as I want to do my part as an AdSense expert to help others out with their adsense earnings.

  • I enjoyed your series - mucho informative! I plan on sharing it with other new bloggers that I know. Thanks for taking the time to blog all of this.

  • Do you not find Google’s rules slightly oppresive though? They specify what the content of your site must be, where your ads can go and how many ad units you’re allowed. They’re taking autonomy away from the individual blogger and meddling just to enforce their dominance in the contextual advertising industry. The most glaring example of this is their recent announcement that you can’t have images aligned with ads.

  • Is there is a difference in adsense earning between bloggers and free subdomain owners?

  • Exactly as Darren has said, i have decided to use Adsense in order to cover my hosting expenditure. I have tried to do my best in order to optimize it for adsense, but if anyone feels that it needs a few changes do not hesitate to tell me so ! I am a poor lonesome student and i will soon see if adsense can make me earn money !

  • adsense rocks, but u have to be careful !!!!!


  • three cheers to google adsense

    hip hip

    did i hear “hurrah”


  • I have also joined the adsense bandwagon. Your article had great piece of information. keep it up….

  • Darren, have you done your own studies as to the best ad forms to use. I’ve had many tell me that the skyscrapers work the best but i have read many articles this week that say the smaller and cleaner looking the better. Any thoughts on that. I know you touched on that a bit, but i just unclear which side of the debate holds the most research. Thanks man.

  • Ford Mustang - I find that rectangles work best if they are in or near content. But largely it depends upon the set up of your site and how it looks and operates. Best to experiment and see what works best on your particular site.

  • I started with adsense a few days back and to say I’m making pretty good myself considering the amount(very small) of traffic I get. I still have to get listed though.

  • Hi! Darren,

    I have put up my blog to run an affiliate services and adsense few months ago. Its seem can’t improve much on my traffic. I had tried rss,ping and submit to search engine for listing ( i know this will take times).

    Feel free to visit my blog and leave me your great comment, how should i improve futher.

    Anyone are most welcome to pay me a visit.

  • Good articles, Thank you,

    In regards to ads…

    Does anyone ever question an as in a magazine? No, we all know this is how a magazine survives (or prospers) and is able to pay expert staff to collect, write and publish stories.

    I predict that in the next couple years, amateur websites will start to disappear (excluding community pages like myspace etc). The costs to attract and keep visitors to a site will increase and free traffic will be hard to come by. The sites that will survive and offer users good content will be the ones that can afford good content or have the time to write it - both cost money and in some cases, lots of it.

    So, wether we like it or not, good content will come with ads on the page - just like magazines, websites will need revenue to be able to publish quality content.

    It is ridiculous to expect a webpage author or company to provide content without a means to earn revenue from the website. Ask the average internet surfer if they would invest 40 plus hours a week to a website for free and I think the answers would all ring to the sound of loud “NO”.

    If you like the content a site provides, don;t be upset with ads - click on them and support the sites you like.

  • Though i have decent traffic at my website, i am not able to generate good revenues.. why it that? pl. help.

    my blog is greatstockcall.blogspot.com

  • Helllo,
    I have been trying to make my site popular, i landed up here and i hope i will learn something new for sure. Thanks for helping us. I want more traffic to my blog (http://visitformoney.blogspot.com). I will keep on learning more from here. Thanks in advance

    Luv u alll

  • Adsence does work and is an interesting way to make money. I have not seen much traffic recently. Does anyone think its because of the weather or is something else keeping people away from the Internet?
    Other ways to make traffic happen are Adwords. I use these ideas like…
    It includes techniques like:

    CAMPAIGN NUKING — how to steal the Adwords campaigns from ANY
    advertiser (even the big players), underbid them and do it in the
    most brutal way possible.

  • There are some great tips on here, the hardest part is definately getting the traffic, even then theres no gaurantee they will click the ads, still ya gotta keep trying, thanks for for all the tips

  • thx for the tips. could u tell me why there is always only ads in your square google adsense. on my blog, only three or four in one square? is there any way i can control that?

  • i am earning already 165 dollars a month with a 1 yr old blog and just 170 posts. yahoo

    and its growing

  • Can i put adsense code behind any button..i saw this but how can i do plz tell me i have a forum lanuched 1 month ago i have daily 70+ visitors and 210 members

  • Thank you for your adsense tips. I was wondering why my Photo Competitions blog kept showing advertisements for things that had nothing to do with photography. Now I know it’s all in the individual post titles.

  • I have placed google adsense on my site http://www.carefreebaby.com, i was wondering if anyone out there can help me out increase my adsense earning?
    THanks in advance.

  • With Adsense I got about 200 $ in last year… now i can eat spaghetti and pizza one times a month at the restaurant. Bye!

  • does adsense work on xanga? i’ve been trying to get the codes in but they don’t seem to work.

  • The biggest thing is to have content worth reading. Without that, Adsense won’t do you much good. No advertising will.

    Just wanted to add that I’ve learned quite a few things from the articles here over the past few months, Darren. Thanks very much.

  • Thanks for putting this together. I’m a newbie but looking to create a great education site. Stop by some time.

  • It’s not every day a newbie has the chance to meet some guy who’s already earning 6 figures of income by GG Adsense program.

    I have tried some time, with little success. What am I supposed to do? Or what am I doing wrong? Should I concentrate on one site or disperse my time among multiple blogs??

  • i think, the most important point is “location” of the ads. There are thousands of blogs get thousands of hits everyday and earn nothing.
    Quentin Tarantula, Moderator at eyje

  • Can adsense accept website contents of other language such as Malay or Chinese?Please help me on this.

  • l also just read from the adsense official blog of google about this article and l saw they gawe u a backlink of your article and its should be very friendly for you:)
    l am also adsense publisher and like all adsense publishers myself also liked the news changes of best pay per click broadcaster of google adsense’s new advertisement blocks.
    They are working hard to understand what the advertisers want and how to make them happy with the publishers clicks, from my point of wiew, adsense advertising unit workers also realised that the old wiew of google adsense was becoming unfriendly to the publishers and they become a very apart side of the website they are published. Google is changing this, they are tring to design new templates for their advertisers to let visitors of the adsense publishers pages more good looking and friendly to let them “click” on the advertisement.
    l think adsense advertisers also want this new format. They were also realising they advertisers become very unfamilier with the site. They were also looking for the best position to their ads for maximum response. l think google will giwe more friendly looks to their advertisers to let the visitors “click” on the advertisements…
    Advertisers happy, Publishers happy. Google happy.

  • reply to Eddie :
    Adsense can accept malay or chinese language (and others) , google adsense will display relavant ads for the language, location and/or content for the website.

  • I am new in the blogging field and I just added some adsense to see what is going to happen see my blog seedubai.blogspot.com
    Have a great day.

  • hi.. i m just wondering how does this adsense thing work?

    u place the advert on ur blog and how is the income calculated and banked in to the blogger?

    cos i m a blogger who doesn’t know any computer stuff.. and just wondering how does this work.

  • thanks for your share this tips

  • I recent ran a poll to determine which revenue program is the best and earning the webmaster the most money. Of these choices: Adbrite, Amazon aStore, AzoogleAds, BidVertiser, Chitika, Clicksor, Commission Junction, Feedburner, Feedvertising, Google Adsense, InteliTXT - Vibrant Media, LinkShare.com, Pheedo, Yahoo Publisher Network. Pheedo, Amazon aStore, and Google Adsense were the top 3 choosen. Pheedo is for RSS Feeds. Does anyone have any experience with Pheedo or Amazon aStore compared to Google Adsense?

    The Adsense poll is located at: http://polls.hopto.org/polls.aspx?poll=44&partner=0&Desc=Make_Money_On_The_Internet

  • DolphinBooks

    May 16th, 2007 5:04 pm

    My brand new blog is Readersrock-dolphinbooks, i just opened and i am glad i found this site as it is really teaching me a lot of information i need to know for getting rolling.. I have read articles on this but now i acually have my own page to build…. I will keep checking in to learn more, and anyone who feels they can give me some starters points is more than welcome to give me some feedback ……
    THanks and keep bloggin.

  • Loving your posts.

    Definitely feel that your blog will remain on the google reader for a while to come.

    Still working on direction at the moment although I think it will get there in time. Takes time to get into a comfortable rythm and only hope that multiple topic posts do not damage a blogs future as soon enough it develops some level of specificity and theme… Hopefully

  • Thank you so much for the tips, I’ve just started blogging and your posts have really helped me.

  • Thank you for the great work you are doing. I was inspired by your blog to start a blog on Applying to US Universities.

  • Your blog is simply superb. How you got traffic at the first time you made the blog?

  • I’ve been using Adsense for about half a year now and I am making between $150 to $250 a month right now on average. But the cashflow continues to grow. While it hardly covers my present site maintenance expenses, it’s fairly easy to launch and administer and I’m quite satisfied with the reasonable incomes demanding so little efforts. To my mind the key to making decent money with Adsense lies in your ability to target profitable keywords corresponding to the worthwhile content of your blog or website.

    I’ve collected series of articles on Adsense revenues generation. One can find answers to many complicated Adsense issues there.

  • thanks for yr tips have started adsense now

    I am new to adsense …. but from the tips given in blogs(no this one)
    m improving traffic……I have ebooks website…….Current not getting much abt…. 0.x $ a day

  • Thanks for your tips.

    I have had trouble making adsense work for me so I gave up on it. I made $53 in 6 months with adsense, and my traffic wasn’t bad. I think I might give it another try.

  • Hi Thanks for this tips!

    Keep it up!@

  • High traffic is important and effective online traffic tools are well known. They include for example PPC ads, including the very same Adsense ads. Articles are increasingly important because when it comes to traffic, the numbers are not enough, the quality of the traffic is also very important.

    But the absolutely critical factor in achieving high Adsense earnings is not traffic. It is actually the keywords used. With the difference in earnings from a click ranging from a fraction of a penny to $100, you can begin to appreciate what we are saying here.

  • Good work again, If i was commenting in 2004 i would have said “great..! great…!”

  • Great article. I have started a new blog about technology and have not yet used adsence on it but plan on doing it on the near future. To all those that are asking how to get traffic. Just promoted your site in social networks or the forums you have been part of.

  • Thanks for your tips.

    I follow your tips and I could see the improvement from $1 to $ 5 per day. Although it is not much, but I am happy with it.


  • You mentioned blogging being quite expensive. What are the expenses incurred for blogging?

  • Nice tips on Adsense, but it seem to only work for it. Not with other contextual ads like bidvertiser, adbrite, etc. I got banned from Adsense, do you know of any decent contextual ads that I could use in US that is closest to Adsense revenue?

  • Well, you may want to consider affiliate program which is a good alternative :)

  • The key to making great money with adsense is building a site with quality content, and then getting traffic to that site. Both of these things require a lot of work. However, if you keep it up, it will eventually pay off.

  • Looked around for useful Adsense tips and found a really useful Adsense master template file on isohunt. Here’s the link for anyon that wants it:


  • I would like to make the $ GG I technology has enough trouble you to look at my space!

  • Adsense is a great money earning opportunity, but most people I know use adblockers on their browsers, and I see this becoming more common. Wonder what this means for programs like adsense in the future.

  • Would be interested in knowing the tips of adsense revenue?

  • Very well written article. I think this very much sums the all the important aspects that a blogger should remember. Keep up the good work !!

  • Yeah an informative article. Well done.

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Thanyou for this excellent theme + SEO Dave. It took my a while to sort them out but atleast they are working now! GREAT!

  • Nice tips!


  • Also another website for you guys with information about adsense and other money making opportunities is www.adsense-hero.com
    Just to let you know!

  • Hey Darren,
    Came across this article about 2 weeks ago, read a few of your tips, and I think I’m getting the hang of it! My adsense is picking up pace slightly, but maybe it’ll do better when the Rugby World Cup actually gets underway! Thanks for the tips :]


  • Very Nice Blog, many important tips of Adsense which I am sure improves the earning. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up, I am Seo my site is http://www.3seo.com/

  • The greatest Tip - Read instructions before use.
    I have got my account banned just because I didnt care to read the policies.

  • I think that AdSense is a good way to make money, but don’t rely only on this. Try to build your own products.

  • When adsense not supported my languages, what can i do?

  • It’s weird that as you returning traffic increases so does the Adsense earnings. Is this happening to you too? Looking at John Chow’s earning report the Adsense earnings dropped a lot even though his traffic increased.

  • Adsense is fantastic way of earning online for webmasters. But in my experience it needs lots of knowledge to make reasonable amount of money , But good news there are many adsense forums to support adsense publisher to earn more.
    I think this nice tips will help for better performance.

    80% adsense revenue sharing forum

  • After reading many of your Adsense tips for bloggers i can say that I have seen a increase in the amount of money I am making from my site. Thanks for all your help.

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